6 Famous Faces Who Have Gotten Dental Implants & Cosmetic Corrections

by admin on January 24, 2018

et’s face it, the Hollywood crowd is more concerned with their appearance than the average American – and no wonder, since their appearance is such a huge part of how they make a living.

Talk to a dentist in Ocean County, in fact, and you’ll come to find that far more famous faces than you realize have been transformed thanks to the miracle of modern cosmetic dental procedures.

Tom Cruise - Creative Commons

The names vary. Some are mega stars. Some are not. Some are household names. Some are cult favorites. Some are beautiful people. Some look like you and me. But all of them have benefited from cosmetic dental work. Here are just a few examples:

Tom Cruise – One of the most famous faces in cinema has been helped by cosmetic dental work. Cruise’s teeth were in bad shape throughout his early career. Over the years he has undergone a number of procedures, including alignment, whitening, and possibly dental implants, to get the billion dollar smile he has today.

Ed Helms – You know him as the toothless goofball from The Hangover. Well guess what? His missing tooth was not a product of special effects or makeup. Helms has had dental implants for over 20 years, and had his implant temporarily removed for the film!

Morgan Freeman – Morgan Freeman may have one of the most famous voices in Hollywood, but this legendary actor’s soothing tones probably weren’t helped by his crooked, gapped teeth. It’s not clear if Freeman got dental implants, but it’s more than evident he had extensive work done earlier in his career, giving him the smile he has today.

Miley Cyrus – This young starlet didn’t get extensive work done on her teeth, but what work she did have done ended up having a dramatic effect on her appearance. A simple straightening and whitening transformed her from an awkward teen to the provocative star she is today.

James Cosmo – You’ve seen his grim visage in movies like Braveheart and The Chronicles of Narnia, but these days he’s probably best known as Jeor Mormont from Game of Thrones. Cosmo once wore dentures following an auto accident, but opted to switch to dental implants after finding out about their benefits.

Gary Busey – One of the most interesting men in Hollywood, Busey had a motorcycle accident in 1988 that left his already unique teeth a wreck. Thanks to a dentist near Forked River – Busey has never revealed where he got the work done – he was able to recover from the accident while retaining his distinctive look.

And the list is far longer than this. We could spend many pages listing them all.

This is no source of shame for these performers. Quite the opposite. We love these people in part because we love how they look. Regular, ordinary people seek out dental implants in Ocean County for the same reason. Because the confidence, pride and self-esteem boost that comes with looking and feeling your best can lead to success in life.

And success in life is never something to be ashamed about.

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